Accounting Quiz-07 (Mixed)

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Accounting Quiz-07 (Mixed)

Accounting Quiz-07

Ready to test your accounting knowledge? Take this quick quiz and see how you score!

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Who is the internal user of accounting information?

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Which of the following accounts is not included on the Balance Sheet?

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Identify the correct journal entry for the transaction “Cash withdrawn from a bank.”

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Net profit $30,000, Tax Rate 40%, profit before tax will be

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What year was "IASC" founded?

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Which of the following is the company's most liquid asset?

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 “Advance Rent” is a


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What day is International Accounting Day celebrated?

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A single-entry accounting system is a

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Which one of the following is not included in the financial statements?

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An adjusting entry is given for



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What is the primary objective of depreciation?

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"Preliminary expense" is a

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Which of the following is not recorded in the cash book?

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"Income tax" is applied on

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“Machinery Installation” is a

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Which of the following steps is not necessary in the accounting cycle?

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 “Unearned Revenue” is a


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The rectification journal entry is given according to

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The previous name of "IFRS" was

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Which of the following is not an example of an intangible asset?

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Which expense is not paid with "cash"?

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Owner investment is considered a liability, according to

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Which of the following documents is prepared for purchase returns?

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If you want to make a 50% profit on sales, how many percentages do you need to charge on purchases?

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