Accounting Quiz-02 (Mixed)

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Accounting Quiz-04 (Mixed)

Accounting Quiz-02

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The debit balance of the "Ledger" account indicates...

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Which one is used for rough work on financial statements?




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"Sale of furniture" for the furniture merchandising business will be considered as



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Which of the following statements is incorrect for the user of accounting information?

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Which is referred to as the business language?

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If revenue expenditure is recorded as capital expenditure, which calculation will be incorrect?





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Which transaction will increase liabilities?




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Which of the following is an example of liabilities?


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Which of the following is not a part of the accounting process?




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What document is used to record financial transactions chronologically?


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Full-Form of “GAAP”


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Which accounting system is more commonly used to keep accounts?


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Which account will be credited when bad debts are written off?


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Which one is recorded in the statement of financial position?


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Total number of columns in the "T" account


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The import duty of goods is a

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Which of the following is a revenue item?

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The "reason for the transaction" is known from

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"Credit" indicates


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Which entry is used to close the nominal account?

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Which one is the correct Expanded Accounting Equation?


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A Balance Sheet Presents

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"Journal" is called


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The difference between the total amount of debit and credit of an account is called


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Which one is an example of a transaction?

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