Accounting Quiz-05 (Mixed)

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Accounting Quiz-07 (Mixed)

Accounting Quiz-05

Ready to test your accounting knowledge? Take this quick quiz and see how you score!


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"Owner's Equity" will increase if


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What is the unit of measurement for transactions?


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"Depreciation" charged on

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The difference between a company's total assets and total liabilities represents the:


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Net Sales - Gross Profit =?


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What is the first step of the accounting cycle?



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Which accounts will be closed after the fiscal year ends?

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Which of the following is an example of a "non-cash transaction"?


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"Transaction" is a

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Utilities are not assets and should be recorded as expenditures. According to which principle


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“Sold used car for $1,000.” Credit will be:

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Which of the following is an example of current liabilities?

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The daily book of accounts is

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Which one is a direct expense?

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"Bad Debt Reserve" is a

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Which account is not maintained using a single-entry system?



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A company distributes a portion of its profits to shareholders. This distribution is called a:


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The cost of goods sold (COGS) appears on which financial statement?


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Which is known as the "Roadmap of Financial Statements"?



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A company pays rent for a building upfront for the entire year. This prepaid rent is recorded as a:


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Which of the following is an example of an intangible asset?

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What happens if an asset's useful life is extended from ten to twelve years?

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"Accounting" is a

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The financial ratio that measures a company's ability to pay its current liabilities is called the:


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"Debit Note" is prepared for

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