Accounting Quiz-01 (Mixed)

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Accounting Quiz-07 (Mixed)

Accounting Quiz-01

Ready to test your accounting knowledge? Take this quick quiz and see how you score!

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How can an organization make a profit?

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Which of the following is not considered a transaction?

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Which of the following events are recorded in an accounting book?

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The left side of an account is called

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Which one is the correct accounting equation?

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Bookkeeping includes only

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What is the effect on the accounting equation for this transaction? Paid to Creditors $300

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Which one is a non-profit organization?

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Which city was the first to begin using the double-entry bookkeeping system?

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Which of the following is not part of the accounting process?

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Which of the following is not a component of the cash flow statement?

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Which of the following statements describes a company's financial position?

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The main objective of accounting is

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Which of the following is true for net income?

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Which of the following is an example of intangible asset?

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Which one is an example of an expense?

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Modern accounting originated in

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Full-Form of “AAA”

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Who are the internal users of accounting information in a business?

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According to cost principles, businesses should record their assets at

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Accounting is an

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Which of the following is not a branch of accounting?

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Which of the following statements is true for "credit"?

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Which one is included in an income statement?

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Luca de Pacioli is a/an

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