Accounting Quiz-06 (Mixed)

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Accounting Quiz-06 (Mixed)

Accounting Quiz-06

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Which language is the origin of the words "Debit and Credit"?

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Normally, which of these accounts has a credit balance?

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When goods sold on credit are returned by the buyer, the book usually states:

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Which of the following is not a step in the accounting process?


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Which of the following transactions does not affect the owners' equity?

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An expense that is incurred but not yet paid is recorded as an:

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"Income Tax" is a

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Which one of the following accounts is closed at the end of the fiscal year?

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"Received from Finch as a loan" Determine the proper journal entry for this transaction.

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Bad debt reserve is a


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Which of the following accounts is excluded from the post-closing trial balance?

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Which of the following events is not an example of a transaction?

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"Balance Sheet" is a


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Which of the following accounts appears on the credit side of the Trial Balance?

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Which of the following accounts is included on the profit and loss statement?


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Which of the following accounts normally has a debit balance?

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Fixed assets are shown in the balance sheet according to

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Which of the following is considered a deferred revenue expenditure?

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Full-Form of “AAA”


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The process of recording financial transactions chronologically in a general ledger is called:

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Which of the following is not a qualitative characteristic of a financial statement?

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"Unearned Revenue" is a


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Purchased stationery includes 15% VAT; debit will be

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Depreciation is the process of allocating costs for what?


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“Entity Principle” means


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