Top 10 Funny Accounting Jokes [With PDF]

There are many traditional funny accounting jokes about accountants on the market. You’ll find a lot of funny accounting jokes online or on websites. 

Here I’m going to reveal some familiar funny accounting jokes, and I’m sure you’re going to be amused by reading these accounting jokes.

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Funny Accounting Jokes

Accounting Jokes :01 

The doctor says I am sorry to tell to you, but you have six months to live.

The lady is very infuriated, Oh doctor, what should I do”, she asks.

The doctor says I recommend that you marry a CPA.

“Will that make me live longer?”, she asks, hopefully.

 No, says the doctor. But it’ll seem longer.”.

Accounting Jokes:02

Accountant: Hello! Is this customer care?

Officer: Yes, Sir. How can we help you?

Accountant: My son has eaten my SIM.

Officer: Look, you brought him to the Immediate Hospital, why are you wasting your time calling here?

Accountant: No, I was saying I had a talk time of 300 minutes on my SIM.

Officer: What’s in it?

Accountant: As long as the SIM is being pulled out; if my son talks then my balance cannot be deducted!

Accounting Jokes :03

The Clerk says and walks to the boss’s office, The auditors have left, sir. 

“Have they completed checking the books?”, asks the boss.

 Very thoroughly, is Clerk’s reply.

Okay, what they said, “says the boss.

They need 15% to keep quiet.”.

Accounting Jokes : 04

A businessman interviewed job questions for the position of director of a division. A test was devised by him for choosing the candidate. He just asked each candidate this query, what’s two plus two?” 

The first interviewee was a journalist. He replied Twenty-two.

The 2nd was a social worker. She said, I do not know the answer, but I am very glad that we’d an opportunity to discuss it.”. 

The 3rd applicant was an engineer. He pulled out a slide ruler and developed a response somewhere between 3.999 and 4.001.” 

Next came a lawyer. He said that in the Jenkins vs case. The Department of the Treasury, two and two were demonstrated to be four” 

Lastly, the businessman interviewed an accountant. The accountant got up from his chair, went to the door, shut it, came back, and sat down. when he asked him what two and two was. He said in a low voice? and he got the job.

Accounting Jokes : 05

Our own gates narrative: An accountant dies and goes to heaven. Peter, obviously, is there, asking a few questions and looking throughout the files. What sort of accountant were you?

Oh, I was a CPA, was the reply of the Accountant.  

Name? Asks St.

The accountant gives his name and St. Peter finds his file.

Oh yes, we have been anticipating you. You’ve reached your allotted time span. 

The accountant says I do not get it. How can that be? I am only 48 years old.

Pete looks again in the file and says, Well, that is impossible.

Why do you say that? asks the accountant.

Well, says St. Peter, we have been looking over your timesheets and the hours you have charged your clients. So, By our calculation, you must be at least 93 years old!”.

Top 10  Funny Accounting Jokes
Funny Accounting Jokes

Accounting Jokes : 06

Inspector: Why didn’t you report immediately after losing your credit card?

Accountant: After stealing the card, I saw a thief spending less than my wife.

Inspector: Why are you coming to report now?

Accountant: Now it seems that the card is in the hands of the thief’s wife and the cost has almost quadrupled.

Accounting Jokes : 07

An Accountant was forced to buy the glasses for his son. When he saw the boy sitting quietly in the chair wearing new glasses. He asked his son

Dad: Baby, are you reading now?

Boy: No father.

Dad: What are you doing then?

Boy: Daddy’s getting some rest.

Dad: Then why are you wearing glasses? Take off Baby, do you know what the cost of these glasses is?

Accounting Jokes : 08

The husband disappeared for several days. Wife goes to police-

Wife: Sir, my husband went to the market a week ago. But still did not return home. If you were kind enough to find him.

Police: What’s your Husband?

Wife: He is an Accountant.

Police: Why are you so restless? Go back home. He’ll leave soon.

Accounting Jokes : 09

An accountant approached the astrologer and said:

Accountant: My right arm is spinning.

Astrologer: Your money will come.

Accountant: My left hand is itching.

Astrologer: Money will actually be spent!

Accountant: My wings are curling.

Astrologer: You have the possibility of travelling somewhere far away.

Accountant: My bum is getting itchy.

Astrologer: You’re allergic, go to the doctor!

Accounting Jokes : 10

An accountant on death row……..

Accountant: Where is my wife?

Wife: Ogo, I’m by your side.

Accountant: Where are my children??

Children: Dad, we are on your side.

Accountant: Everyone is here. So why the fan is moving to the next room?

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