40 Short Questions and Answers-Introduction to Accounting [With PDF]

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For theory please read the article “Accounting-Definition, Process, Objective, Origin, And Evolution”

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Short Questions and Answers-Introduction to Accounting

Question-01: What is accounting?

Answer: Accounting is an information system that identifies, records, and reports to interested users the economic activities of an organization.  

Question-02: What is called Accounting?

Answer: Accounting is called the language of business.  

Question-03: What is the main objective of accounting?

Answer: The main objective of accounting is to keep accounting records and determine the financial results of the organization.

Question-04: What are the three functions of accounting?

Answer: The three functions of accounting are as follows:

  • Identification,
  • Classification, and
  • Communication.  

Question-05: What does accounting encourage people to do?

Answer: Accounting encourages people to exercise regularity, honesty, and accountability.  

Question-06: What was the scope of accounting in the past?

Answer: In the past, the scope of accounting is limited only to business.  

Question-07: What are the branches or types of accounting?

Answer: The major branches or types of accounting are as follows:

  • Financial Accounting,
  • Cost Accounting,
  • Management Accounting,
  • Tax Accounting,
  • Forensic Accounting, etc.  

Question-08: What does Accounting create?

Answer: Accounting creates values ​​and accountability.  

Question-09: What subjects are related to accounting?

Answer: Accounting is related to

  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Computers
  • Statistics
  • Law
  • Political Science
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science, etc.  

Question-10: What kind of science is accounting?

Answer: Accounting is a Social science.  

Question-11: Is Accounting art or science?

Answer: Accounting is both art and science.  

Question-12: When does the journey of accounting begin?

Answer: The journey of accounting began when people lived in caves.  

Question-13: Who is the father of accounting?

Answer: Luca de Pacioli is called the father of accounting.  

Question-14: Who was Luca de Pacioli?

Answer: Luca de Pacioli was an Italian priest, philosopher, and mathematician.

Question-15: What is the name of the famous book written by Luca de Pacioli?

Answer: Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioniet Proportionalite.  

Question-16: Which part of the book by Luca de Pacioli discusses the double-entry accounting process?

Answer: Luca de Pacio discusses the double-entry accounting process in the third part of the book.  

Question-17: Where is the origin of modern accounting?

Answer: In 1494, Venice, Italy.  

Question-18: When does the journey of modern accounting begin?

Answer:  The journey of modern accounting begin in the fifteenth century.  

Question-19: At what time is the noticeable change in the accounting system?

Answer: In the modern era.  

Question-20: What makes an organization trustworthy to a third party and plays the most important role in creating accountability?

Answer: Accounting.  

Question-21: On what basis is the transaction validated and the existence of the property verified?

Answer: With the help of secured accounting books, financial statements, and credentials.

Question-22: What are the main advantages of accounting?

Answer: The main advantages of accounting are as follows:

  • Know the financial status,
  • Identify the improvement area,
  • Prevent fraud,
  • Take proper decisions, etc.  

Question-23: What are the requirements of accounting for internal users?

Answer: Determine the profit or loss.  

Question-24: What’s needed to make a business successful?

Answer: Keeping track of business transactions properly.  

Question-25: What is the basis for different types of decision-making in the management of the organization?

Answer: Accounting Information.  

Question-26: When does the transaction start in cash and on credit?

Answer: The circulation of currency.  

Question-27: What is the name of the most recent addition to accounting improvement?

Answer: Computed or Mechanical Accounting.  

Question-28: How did people of primitive age keep an account of themselves?

Answer: Cut the stains on the walls of the cave, and knots on the rope.

Question-29: Which way has the accounting improved considerably?

Answer: Accounting has improved considerably by improving trade and commerce and by advancing science and technology.

Question-30: How’s the history of accounting?

Answer: The history of accounting is as old as the history of human civilization.  

Question-31: The basis for the collection of income tax, value-added tax, and excise duty is—

Answer: Maintain accurate accounting  

Question-32: What is bookkeeping?

Answer: Bookkeeping is a part of accounting that only involves the recording of economic events.

Question-33: What is the main function of bookkeeping?

Answer: The main function of bookkeeping is to record transactions in the book of accounts.  

Question-34: What is the part of accounting that only records economic events?

Answer: Bookkeeping only records the economic events.  

Question-35: What is the purpose of bookkeeping in an organization?

Answer: Determine the financial status of an organization.  

Question-36: What is Accounting Information?

Answer: The consolidated statement of all financial information of an organization is called Accounting Information.  

Question-37: How many users of accounting information are there?

Answer: There are two types of accounting information users. One is an internal user and the other is an external user.  

Questions-38: Who are the internal users of accounting information?

Answer:  The internal users of accounting information are

  • Owners
  • Management authorities
  • Internal auditors, and
  • Accounting departments.

Questions-39: Who are the external users of accounting information?

Answer:  The external users of accounting information are

  • Government
  • Lenders
  • Investors
  • Consumers
  • Researchers
  • Business Associations
  • People
  • Creditors, and
  • External auditors.  

Question-40: What are the sources of accounting information?

Answer: The sources of accounting information are as follows :

  • Comprehensive Income Statement,
  • Balance Sheet,
  • Owner’s Equity Statement,
  • Cash Flow Statement, and
  • Notes & Explanation.  

I hope, you’ve understood that. Now, you can test your accounting skills with our basic accounting quizzes.

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