Accounting Conventions [Notes with PDF]

In this article, we will learn in-depth about accounting conventions, including their definition, the difference between accounting conventions and concepts, and much more.

What is Accounting Convention?

Accounting convention is the accepted or public behaviour for conducting accounting work.

“The rules of accounting which is created based on the social, political and economic conditions of a country and by which accounting professions are operated is called accounting convention.”

There is no international or legal recognition of this prevailing practice. It depends entirely on the political social and economic conditions of the country.

Therefore, the conventions of accounting are some of the principles that accountants use in their work to prepare production accounting records, financial statements so that the accounting process can be accurately reliable and can reveal the correct financial situation.

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Difference between Accounting Conventions and accounting Concepts

Accounting conventions and concepts are used for accounting practice by which accounting professions are operated. But there is a lot of difference between accounting conventions and accounting concepts. Major differences are explained below:

Accounting Conventions

  1. There is no international recognition of the accounting convention.
  2. The practice of accounting conventions is not compulsory.
  3. There is no international recognition of accounting conventions. It varies in different countries.
  4. The conventions and traditions are not written on the basis of logic, so the reason for their use cannot be explained.
  5. International law on accounting cannot be formulated on the basis of accounting convention
  6. The practice of accounting conventions is not acceptable to everyone.
  7. There is no complete explanation and support for accounting.
  8. No clear and precise explanation of each approach can be found in accounting.
  9. In order to meet the needs of a particular organization, the organization prepares these in the light of accounting constraints.

Accounting Concepts

  1. The accounting concept is the most widely and internationally accepted rules and practices by which the accounting profession operates.
  2. The concept of accounting is internationally recognized.
  3. The application of the concept of accounting is compulsory.
  4. The same principle is followed in all countries according to the concept of accounting.
  5. The concept is logical so it is possible to explain the reason for its use.
  6. It is intended to control the accounting work of various institutions through a wide range of politics.
  7. On the basis of the concept, the International Law of accounting was formulated
  8. Accounting concepts are acceptable to everyone.
  9. Accounting can be achieved through thorough interpretation and support for the problem
  10. The language of accounting is found in the interpretation of each concept.

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